How Cocoon Central Dance Team Made Dancing With Their Besties An Art

JULY 24, 2017  |  Priscilla Frank at Huffington post

"Sunita Mani, Tallie Medel and Eleanore Pienta make up the dance-comedy trio of your wildest dreams."

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On the Verge: Cocoon Central Dance Team


"Physical comedy might seem antiquated to the laugh-seeking audiences of today, a rare form of humor committed to memory with the bygone greats known for having mastered it: The Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball, Buster Keaton. These remain our archetypal references for physical comedy, and no one seems particularly interested in updating them. That is save for one New York-based comedy trio: Cocoon Central Dance Team."

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SOMETHING NEW: Innovation in Contemporary Comedy

Sunday Sessions @ MoMA PS1  |  Co-presented by The New York Comedy Festival 

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COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM choreographs and artistically directs the Opening Ceremony Performance for the 2013 ING NYC Marathon

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Cocoon Central Dance Team is a rare and wonderful thing, which is a group that is so unique that it cannot be confused with any other act, but also so entertaining and delightful that it brightens any show. They are so talented, so original, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Watching them makes me want to be part of the group, in that nervous-palm-sweaty way of wanting to befriend the cool kids in high school who appear to be doing exactly whatever the fuck they want and loving it.
— Caroline Creaghead, CREAGHEAD & COMPANY
In a world of web series about messy buns and quirky dating experiences, Cocoon is a shocking ray of unfiltered joy and true showwomanship. They are hip without being oppressive and old school without being cheeky. They are my guardian angels.
— John Early, SHOWGASM
The first time I saw CCDT, I cried. I thought, WOW, they did it again although I had never seen them before. But while watching CCDT, I was reminded that the most fun thing to do in life is silly dance with friends and here these ladies had the smarts to do that very thing AND take it to the stage. BRILLIANT!
— Shonali Bhowmik, VARIETY SHAC
Cocoon Central Dance Team was on our show last night, and I gotta say, they are 3 of the most badass, talented, original performers around. Go see them as soon as you can if you want more FUN in your life.
— Abbi Jacobson, BROAD CITY
Cocoon Central Dance Team will take your ideas about dance, comedy, femininity, lycra bodysuits, and hair extensions, and spit on them. Then they’ll take that spit, cover it in feathers and glitter, and use it to choreograph some moves that are equal parts hilariously absurd, deeply moving, and boundlessly entertaining. You might not know quite what you’re looking at, but you absolutely won’t be able to forget it.
— Dave Horwitz, Upright Citizens Brigade, DEALBREAKER
Cocoon is a one of kind special combination of beauty and comedy. Beautiful funny ladies doing beautiful funny dances. What that means is they’re spellbinding and entertaining to any audience. If you like theatre, you get to enjoy dance. If you like comedy and surprises you’ll get that too. I’ve never seen anything quite like a live Cocoon show. Their act alone is like watching a variety show. You’re on the edge of your seat unsure of what will come next. Unlike a stand up comedian staring at you in the spotlight sweating begging for laughs, a CCDT show allows you to sit back enjoy the show and laugh whenever you damn well please (which is often.)
— Daniel Scheinert, DANIELS