Season 2, Episode 1: AND EIGHT

Season 2, Episode 3: BITCHY BALLERINAS

Season 2, Episode 5: TALKING AND DANCING

Season 2, Episode 7: THE EVALUATION

Season 2, Episode 9: GETTING BEAUTIFUL

Season 1, Episode 1: DAMAGED


Season 1, Episode 5: PARALLEL UNIVERSE

Season 1, Episode 7: WEIRD IN HERE

Season 1, Episode 9: I'M CHANGING

Season 2, Episode 2: CAN I? PT III

Season 2, Episode 4: TRUE DETECTIVES

Season 2, Episode 6: BLOOOD

Season 2, Episode 8: THE PROCESS


Season 1, Episode 2: CAN I?

Season 1, Episode 4: BLOOD

Season 1, Episode 6: CAN I? PART II

Season 1, Episode 8: MAGIC HOUR

Music by Warm Weather "So Far/Vertigo" from Dances [EP] ©2011 Dance by Cocoon Central Dance Team Cinematography by Alex Fischer and Timothy Whitney

DJALTERNATIVE (Patrick Troll) and the most incredible Dancers on the planet: COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM!

Mike Bubbles' sound is born of the warmth, groove and gloss of New Jack Swing, R&B/Boogie and G-Funk, but the Nineties are not so much recreated in a Bubbles tune as they are brilliantly refracted through the lens of contemporary instrumental hip hop and R&B. 

Part one of three installments to COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM's sitcom. Eleanore, Sunita and Tallie are in heaven until some YouTube commenter goes and questions their skill set. What a ding dong. Regardless, their souls are crushed. What are they going to DO?

The last installment of COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM's sitcom! MarkMorrisAddict69 sure didn't think his faceless YouTube comments would propel COCOON towards enlightenment, but here they are in a real dance workshop! Pointed toes, pointed criticism, burrito breaks and broken bones are all in their future--and wait until you see THIS happy ending!

1 + 1 = COCOON

Part two of three! Ever since MarkMorrisAddict69 called COCOON crappy, the girls flounder in a pool of fury at their respective jobs and not-jobs. Can they lift their glittering chins and find a way to move on? Who's going to fall out a window and shake their nasty butts?
Weblet from Cocoon Central Dance Team Directed + Edited by: Tim Whitney Written + Performed by: Cocoon Central Dance Team (Sunita Mani, Tallie Medel, Eleanore Pienta)

Little elves Tallie, Eleanore and Sunita wake up from a cool + wonderful dream. They wander into the living room to see if it was real. Ladies and Gentleman, CCDT presents to you their "CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR" re-debuted at The P.I.T for Beowulf Jones's one-man show.
Cocoon Central Dance Team's 2012 Spring Recital at the PIT Music by Micachu
Our husbands Kenneth, Skip, and Donnie went to Denver for business, leaving us their soft old button-downs and our friend Michael's CD. Who drank all the Sunset Blush? Who dog-eared my Harlequin novels? Who choreographed this dance? COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM. Special thanks to the Petri Space in Brooklyn and the ladies of the B-Cat and C-Town Show.
One of our firsts and our fastests. By the end it's hard to breathe but it's worth it.
"DRUM MAJORS" Act 1 Scene 1 from COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM'S Spring Recital March 30, 2012 Dance by Cocoon Music by Beyonce
Cocoon Central Dance Team dances to Love on Top by Beyonce.
Watch and listen for the reward, my children. Can you hear? Can you see?
Cocoon dances live on the 15th Moon on July 28, 2009. Shot by: Tim Whitney